Frank De Winne talks to schoolchildren from Leuven

On Friday, June 13th 2009, in the afternoon primary school students got the opportunity to speak with astronaut Frank De Winne. The direct link with the International Space Station was made with the help of radio amateurs. Frank De Winne answered 22 questions on a range of subjects. The children wanted to know more about what life is like in outer space.


The contact via the so-called ‘telebridge’ took place in the framework of the international ARISS amateur radio programme. The telebridge connection was set up for contact between primary school students of the Terbank-Egenhoven school in Heverlee (near Leuven, in Flemish Brabant).

The radio link was established by ON4ISS the ARISS telebridge ground station, operated by Philippe Van houte, ON5PV. The Belgian astronaut Frank De Winne, ON1DWN operated OR4ISS.