Multi-point ARISS contact via Belgian Defence (KSOO), Belgium, direct via ON4BAF

A direct contact via Amateur Radio scheduled for October 10, 2023 at 13:36 CEST (Belgium) allowing students to ask their questions of Astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli, KI5WSL was a successful.

The Royal School for Non-Commissioned Officers (KSOO/ERSO), situated in Sint-Truiden, in the east of Belgium, is Belgium’s main military training establishment for non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and
serves as a military training institution dedicated to educating and training NCOs within the Belgian
Armed Forces. IEPS of Colfontaine is located about 50 miles west of Sint-Truiden. IEPS is a lifelong
learning school for students ages 15 and older and provides training courses in the fields of mining,
beauty care, the hotel industry, IT, construction, industrial design and HVAC technology.
KSOO/ERSO is providing ham radio equipment for a direct ARISS contact using their radio club’s
callsign ON4BAF. Members of the radio club of the Union of Belgian Radioamateurs (UBA), represented by its local section RST Radio Section of the city of Sint-Truiden will coordinate this contact while also establishing a telebridge with students at IEPS of Colfontaine.

The amateur radio ground station for this contact is near Sint-Truiden, Belgium. Amateur radio operators using call sign ON4BAF operate the ground station to establish and maintain the ISS connection and provide a telebridge contact with students at IEPS of Colfontaine, Belgium.