chapter ‘ARISS’ on AMSAT-ON

ARISSAmateur Radio on the International Space Station – Amateur Radio societies and AMSAT organisations from the ISS partner countries, in the USA, Canada, Russia, Europe and Japan, have set up ARISS – Amateur Radio on the International Space Station. It is a volunteering working group devoted to develop and put into operation the onboard Amateur Radio station. A major objective of ARISS is to increase students’ interest through the medium of amateur radio in mathematics, art and science (STEAM studies).

You will find in the chapter ‘ARISS’ on this website:

  • ARISS Europe mailing list
  • Since many years, Splio Free has graciously provided the distribution of the ARISS-Europe News Bulletins. January 1st, 2018 Splio Free ceases operations. We are very grateful to Splio for the excellent service we enjoyed all these years.
    Presently, we are starting the distribution of the ARISS-Europe News Bulletins through another channel. AMSAT Belgium offers to support this task. The service will continue as previously. Subscribe to the ARISS Europe mailing list.