OUFTI-1 is in LEO Sun-Synchronous orbit

Following the successful launch OUFTI-1 is now in a Low-Earth Sun-Synchronous orbit. During its first orbit has OUFTI-1 broadcast decodable telemetry. Unfortunately, the satellite’s beacon broadcasts a few orbits subsequent just “HI HI DE E”. The team from University of Liège is looking for a solution.

The TLE for the cubesat OUFTI-1 is available updated under this code:(updated: May 01, 19:00 UTC)

1 41458U 16025C 16121.88263173 .00001621 00000-0 96832-4 0 9997
2 41458 98.2193 129.6546 0176353 225.2454 133.4307 15.00740847 689

The decoding of the telemetry parameters are documented on the ULg website:

OUFTI-1 at Estec: