ARISS telebridge contact in India via ON4ISS

The ARISS contact on Monday 2018-08-27 at 08:06 UTC 88 deg with OR4ISS and Shri Timli Vidyapeeth, Devikhet, India, via ARISS telebridge ground station ON4ISS (Aartselaar, Belgium) was successful. AOS was at 13:36:33 IST (08:06:33 UTC) and LOS 13:47:12 IST (08:17:12 UTC). Astronaut Ricky Arnold KE5DAU answered all 16 questions from students of Timli Uttarakhand, India.

There were about 25 students attending the contact and also some official representatives from nearby villages. The school itself is located in the Himalay area of India, not very high up as they say, only 1700 meters (5577 feet). Some students and invited persons were not able to attend because of the heavy rain in Pauri Garwhal area and road conditions since the last rain showers. Students of GIC Chelusain, GIC Devi khet, Aadarsh Bal Bharti Chelusain and Shri Timli Vidyapeeth participated in this conversation, an historic moment for Uttarakhand, India.

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