Multipoint ARISS internet bridge with students of Don Bosco, Haacht, Belgium via AB1OC.

A Multipoint ARISS Internet Bridge via Amateur Radio, was performed using videoconference over internet with students on Friday 10 juli 2020 at 10:52 UTC with NA1SS and ARISS telebridge ground station AB1OC (Hollis, NH) was successful. ISS Commander Chris Cassidy, amateur radio call sign KF5KDR, answered 12 questions from students of Don Bosco secondary school in Haacht Belgium.

Fred AB1OC calling NA1SS

As you are well aware, the school was closed and gatherings with audience in the classic way could not take place. Fred Kemmerer AB1OC was part of the videoconference and provided amateur radio contact between the ISS and every student at home.

The students, teachers and astronauts during the ARISS contact.

This was the first ARISS contact using Internet videoconference. The conference was also broadcasted over YouTube and it had 1800 viewers during the live event. The moderator was Stefan Dombrowski ON6TI. The school originally hoped to establish direct radio contact with their club station ON1DB.

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