Berufliche Schule Direktorat 1 Nürnberg, ARISS telebridge contact via ON4ISS

An ARISS telebridge contact via Amateur Radio, performed with students of “Berufliche Shule Directotaat 1 Nurenberg” on Wednesday 21 december 2021 at 08:21 UTC with OR4ISS and ARISS telebridge ground station ON4ISS (Aartselaar, Belgium) was successful. Matthias Maurer, amateur radio call sign KI5KFH, answered 12 questions. Stefan Vogl DL1STV coordinated the ARISS contact in the school in a safe CORONA way. Several classes and outside spectators followed the contact in the school through Teams. Due to COVID, there was no mass media on contact site.

Matthias Maurer
Matthias Maurer KI5KFH operates the Kenwood D710GA in the Columbus Module

The moderator Bertus Hüsken PE1KEH presented the contact. Stefan Dombrowski ON6TI had taken care of the preparation. The ARISS telebridge station ON4ISS (Amsat Belgium club station) was used by Jan Poppeliers ON7UX (lead ON4ISS operations). The amateur radio contact went smoothly for more than 11 minutes with a maximum elevation of 81°. The students thanked Matthias with a strong applause and Matthias Maurer KI5KFH acknowledged our “thank you” warmly.

Media source:
Youtube report M0IGW
Youtube report YO3RAK