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HamTV Power Levels

The HamVideo power levels in the table at the bottom of this page result from worst case computations, intended for the  evaluation of system efficiency. See Link budget computation by I0KPT. As shown in fig 2, the ISS orbits at about 400km above the surface of the earth. That is the distance between the ISS …

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HamTV – Overview


  ARISS HamVideo Transmitter on board the International Space Station   Name definitions “HamVideo” is the name of the Digital Amateur Television (DATV) transmitter on board the Columbus module of the International Space Station (ISS) “HamTV” refers to the amateur radio DATV activities involving HamVideo     HamVideo characteristics Ham Video downlink frequencies: 2369 MHz …

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In co-operation

our colleagues / partners in the amateur radio world Member of the Royal Union of the Belgian Radio Amateurs (U.B.A.) Founding member of ARISS-Europe (Amateur Radio International Space Station) IARU – International Amateur Radio Union Amateur Radio Space Exploration International Space Station – ESA NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration ESRIN – European Space Research …

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