OUFTI-1 will be launched on April 22, 2016

Due to the delayed launch again part of this information is no longer applicable! latest update

OUFTI-1 will now be launched Friday, April 22. The launch is scheduled for 21:02:13 UTC in Kourou using a Russian Soyuz rocket. The satellite will be placed in its orbit on T + 10091,13s (23:50:24 UTC).

About half an hour later, around Saturday, April 23 00:20 UTC, the satellite will deploy its antennas and will be activated the beacon. The beacon of OUFTI-1 transmits continuously 100 mW at 145,980 MHz, during 2 minutes every 3 minutes (2 min ON – 1 min OFF). OUFTI-1 will be in an orbit with an angle of 98° to the equator and at an altitude between 450 and 660 kilometers.

The intention is that the cubesat remains operational for about two years, after which it will eventually fail as a result of the solar radiation. It took more than eight years to develop OUFTI-1 acronym of “Orbital Utility For Telecommunication Innovation”.

He has a D-STAR transponder on board, 435.045 MHz uplink, 145.950 MHz downlink. A second task is to test solar cells with a higher efficiency. The cubesat was developed by the University of Liège students.

The coding of the telemetry parameters and TLE’s are documented on the website:

OUFTI-1 at Estec: