Tag: Telemetry

QARMAN ready to deployed from ISS.


QARMAN is a satellite from the Von Karman institute in Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium. It is a 3U cubesat with dimensions 10x10x30 cm and the last satellite of the QB50 experiment. It will orbit Earth for around 4 months before reentering the atmosphere. It will survive reentry but not its fall to Earth. Instead its data will …

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OUFTI-1 will be launched on April 22, 2016


Due to the delayed launch again part of this information is no longer applicable! latest update OUFTI-1 will now be launched Friday, April 22. The launch is scheduled for 21:02:13 UTC in Kourou using a Russian Soyuz rocket. The satellite will be placed in its orbit on T + 10091,13s (23:50:24 UTC). About half an …

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