ARISS-USA Education Summit, College Park, MD

On October 15 and 16, 2018, the ARISS-USA Education Summit was held at College Park Airport and Museum Conference Center (Maryland, USA). It was an ideal opportunity to enhance STEM Ideas through displays and demos. Dan Barstow, KA1ARD, presented the CASIS Space Station Explorers Program.

Astronaut Paul W. Richards, KC5ZSZ sign his foto for Cosmonaut Sergey Sambourov, RV3DR

During this summit the educational aspect of ARISS contacts was illustrated with examples by SSE participant organizations such as Magnitude i.o, Student Spaceflight Experiments Program, Storytime from Space, ISS Above, Tomatosphere.

During their break the participants of the summit watched live the ARISS contact with OR4ISS (Alexander Gerst, KF5ONO) and between ON4NOK, St-Jozef College in Turnhout (Belgium) at 12:04 UTC on Thu 16 oct 2018.

The summit ended with a tour in NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and a visit to the ARISS telebridge ground station K6DUE.

Jan, ON7UX operates the ARISS telebridge ground station K6DUE (NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center).