QARMAN ready to deployed from ISS.

QARMAN is a satellite from the Von Karman institute in Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium. It is a 3U cubesat with dimensions 10x10x30 cm and the last satellite of the QB50 experiment.

It will orbit Earth for around 4 months before reentering the atmosphere. It will survive reentry but not its fall to Earth. Instead its data will be transmitted to Iridium telecom satellites.

Reentry test of QARMAN CubeSat
Reentry test of QARMAN CubeSat

The satellite was lifted-off from Cape Canaveral has been on board the ISS since 5 December 2019 with the SpaceX 19 resupply cargo. In-Orbit deployment from the ISS is preliminary scheduled on 12 Februari 2020.

QARMAN with callsign ONØ5BE has a telemetry beacon at 437.350 MHz – GMSK 9600Bd – AX.25 frames. In normal mode telemetry is transmitted every 2 minutes, in save mode / low power mode every 10 minutes. The definition of the different telemetry data is described in this document and you can easily decode the telemetry with this Excel file.

You can report receiving reports from the satellite to

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