DATV Digital Amateur Television  
DVB-T Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial  
DVB-S Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite  
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group Digital Television Norms
HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface  
DVI Digital Visual Interface  
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee Digital Television Standard in USA
ITU International Telecommunications Union  
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute  
ISO International Organization for Standardization  
IEC International Electrotechnical Committee  
VCEG Video Coding Experts Group ITU-T
FTDI Future Technology Devices International Scottish – USB chips and drivers
IQ In Phase and Quadrature  
QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation  
QPSK Quadrature Phase Shift Keying  
8PSK Octogonal Phase Shift Keying  
BIT Binary digit  
ENOB Effective Number of Bits  
TS Transport Stream  
PES Packetized Elementary Stream  
SR Symbol Rate kS/s
PID Packet Identifier  
PAT Program Associate Table  
PMT Program Map Table  
CAT Conditional Access Table  
NIT Network Information Table  
SDT Service Description Table  
TDT Time and Date Table  
FEC Forward Error Correction  
BER Bit Error Rate  
CBER Pre BER Before Viterbi Correction
VBER Post BER After Viterbi Correction
CNR or C/N Carrier to Noise Ratio dB
MER Modulation Error Ratio dB     Digital
SNR Signal to  Noise Ratio dB     Analog or Digital
EVM Error Vector Magnitude  
NPM Noise Power Measurement  
DR Dynamic Range  
PCR Program Clock Reference DVB
PLL Phase Locked Loop  
FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array  
LCD Liquid Crystal Display  
NIM Network Interface Module  
BBgain Preamp inside Tuner STV6110  
UDP User Datagram Protocol  
STB Set-Top Box  





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