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L / S-band ARISS antennas

All this started in 2002, when Gaston Bertels, ON4WF, the ARISS-Europe chairman, took the initiative to submit a request for amateur radio facilities on the Columbus module to Mr Jörg Feustel-Büechl, ESA Director of Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity: “The ARISS international working group provides the many organizational and operational services needed to insure successful educational …

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In co-operation

our colleagues / partners in the amateur radio world Member of the Royal Union of the Belgian Radio Amateurs (U.B.A.) Founding member of ARISS-Europe (Amateur Radio International Space Station) IARU – International Amateur Radio Union Amateur Radio Space Exploration International Space Station – ESA NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration ESRIN – European Space Research …

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Oct 08

Frank De Winne talks to St-Michielscollege Brasschaat


The ARISS contact was a direct operated by ground station ON7RT,  Willy Goovaerts, ON5JM conducted operations at Wednesday October 7, 2009 at 10:21 UTC, which is 12:21 CEST. De standaard, 8 October 2009 UBA website – report ARISS contact ARISS-EU achive – ON7RT Southgate – Radio Amateur News

Sep 23

Frank De Winne contact with VTI St Lucas in Oudenaarde


Under the enthusiastic leadership of Patriek De Temmerman ON8PDT, the school has been working on this project for a whole school year. It was the central theme of the School’s Open Day and space and the ISS were linked to many courses. The contact was a direct operated by ground station ON4OB (UBA section ODE), Tuesday …

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Sep 17

UBA section AAA set up an portable ARISS groundstation

The UBA section AAA has developed a mobile ARISS ground station for ARISS school contact with Frank Dewinne. A few weeks before the ARISS contact, the section set up the ground station to fully test it. The design and execution was carried out under the professional guidance of Willy Goovaerts, ON5JM, section chairman.

Oct 14

ARISS 41 and ARISS 43 were installed on Columbus

October 9 th and 10 th, 2007 ARISS 41 and ARISS 43 were installed on Columbus in the high bay of the Kennedy Space Center. October 12 th the electrical properties of cables and antennas have been tested and validated. Two L/S band patch antennas (ARISS 41 and ARISS 43) were installed on the nadir side …

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