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Station Location: South Australia, Adelaide, PF95GD

Operator: Joe Pereira


Station Summary – 25th April 2017


Reflector:             Parabolic Prime Focus 1.8m mesh type

Antenna:              S-band Patch feed, fabricated by James R Miller

Converter:           Model 2400-HAMTV-DC, High Sierra Microwave

Feeder Cable:    RG6 Quad Core / cable run 8 meters

Rotator:               SPID  Model -Big Ras

Controller:           SPID Rot2proG


Satellite Receiver:       TT-budget   S2-1600 PCI card

Decoding Software:    Tutioune 1600 (by F6DZP) version 0.6h

Tracking Software:      SatPC32 version 12.8c


Satellite Receiver PC: i5 -661 @ 3.33GHz

O/P System:                 W 7 Home Premium 32 bit

Graphics Card:            GT 710


Rotator Tracking PC:   AMD Phenom Triple Core 2.10GHz

O/P System:                 W7 Professional 32 bit

Other software:            Dimension 4 (time management)


Additional equipment / information


CCTV camera mounted above roof line and small lcd monitor located in radio room to view satellite dish movements.


Upper mast is a tilt over type.  Using recycled C-Band hardware mounting brackets.


1.8m Prime Focus Dish 

Patch antenna mounted onto PVC enclosure

HamTV converter inside PVC weather proof enclosure

Mast tilt position – easy access for dish setup

Modified commercial C-Band Mount – (from a 3m dish setup)

VK5EI  HamTV – PC room