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MiniTiouner Hardware

The following is adapted from a presentation by Jean-Pierre Courjaud F6DZP at the ARISS international meeting, Houston 2016

The MiniTiouner is a DATV receiver designed by Jean-Pierre Courjaud F6DZP.  With dedicated software it is perfectly suited for HamVideo reception.

The MiniTiouner is a NIM based receiver. The “Network Interface Module” or NIM supports several tasks:

  • An RF Booster amplifies the signal captured by the antenna
  • An STB6100 or STV6110A Receiver (Zero Tuner and Synthetiser) processes the RF signal and produces analogue differential I and Q signals
  • The receiver covers a frequency range from 650MHz to 2600MHz
  • An STV0903 QPSK demodulator processes the I and Q signals and produces the Transport Stream
  • The Transport Stream is transferred to the PC via the FTDI Mini-Module FT2232H, connected to a computer USB input
  • The software forwards instructions to set up the STV0903 via USB and I2C channels. The STV6100 or STV6110A  synthesizer receives instructions via an I2C repeater.


Typical NIM

To ensure satisfying performance at low Symbol Rate (SR), we must choose a NIM with an STV0903 or an STV0913  demodulator chip :

  • Samsung, Sharp and Eardatek feature a STV0903 chip
  • LG and Serit feature a STV0913 chip.


Samsung NIM

Sharp NIM

Eardatek NIM

FTDI MiniModule FT2232H – MultiMedia Interface


MiniTiouner schematics


BATC MiniTiouner

The British Amateur Television Club (BATC)  sells MiniTiouner components to its members:

  • Serit FTS4335 tuner and adaptor kit
  • MiniTiouner blank PCB
  • FT2232H USB module
  • 1 volt regulator
  •  SERIT FTS4335 Tuner ONLY
  • Serit FTS4335 adapter BLANK PCB only


BATC Home Page :

BATC MiniTiouner Components :


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