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Tutioune 1600 receiving software

Jean-Pierre Courjaud F6DZP wrote dedicated software for the reception of HamVideo signals.

The Tutioune 1600 software commands the TT S2-1600 PCI card and handles the transport stream.

In ISS mode it also adds the missing DVB tables.

The program not only delivers video and audio, but also provides technical parameters such as RF power and MER (Modulation Error Ratio), as well as “constellations”, a visual representation of the accuracy of the received and decoded bit stream.


Tutioune 1600 software used with a TT S2-1600 PCI card to receive HamVideo during Tim Peake’s mission in 2016

At the click of an icon, the Tioune Monitor displays the main receiving parameters in real time.


Tioune Monitor operated by F6DZP

With the Tutioune “Save Data” button, we can save all measuring data during a pass.


Tioune Data Reader operated by Claudio Ariotti IK1SLD

With the « Tioune Data Reader » software we can examine how the tracking system received the HamVideo signal.


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