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Station location: Casale Monferrato  North-western Italy  JN45FC

Operator: Claudio Ariotti IK1SLD

IK1SLD is an ARISS VHF-UHF telebridge station as well as a HamTV ground station.


Telebridge VHF-UHF system

  • crossed Yagi 15 + 15, , both VHF and UHF
  • Preamplifiers installed near the antennas: SSB SP-2 VHF and SHF MVV 432/2 UHF
  • switching Hor or Vert polarization
  • rotor Yaesu G-5400B azimuth and elevation

HamTV S-band system

  • 1.2meter dish with Pro.Sis.Tel rotator
  • MiniTiouner receiver
  • Transport Stream Merge over G4 line – 20 Mb Up- and Down


  • PC #1 Core2Duo with Windows 7
    • running Nova for antenna tracking with LVB Tracker interface
    • running PCSat32.for doppler correction
  • PC #2 Core2Duo with Windows 7
    • running OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) to web stream telebridge operations
    • backup for PC #1
  • PC #3 Core i3 with Windows 7
    • running HamTV Tutioune software
    • running Orbitron with WispDDE executable to command the Pro.Sis.Tel rotor
    • WispDDE is special version written by Piero Tognolatti


Quadripod with Pro.Sis.Tel dish

VHF-UHF crossed Yagis

IK1SLD operating desk
 The IK1SLD station is operated by

  • Claudio Ariotti – IK1SLD
  • Fabio Inglese – IW1BND
  • Giovanni Filippi – IZ1UWP
  • Emiliano Binotto – IU1FHZ
  • Max Canepa – IW1CNF (SK)




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