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Minitioune Software

Minitioune Software by Jean-Pierre Courjaud F6DZP

This screen shot shows the MiniTiouner receiving an excellent signal:

  • Frequency: 1255MHz
  • RF Power: -64 dBm
  • MER: 31.8 dB (Modulation Error Ratio) – Digital S/N Ratio
  • Constellations: strong concentration, proving excellent QPSK demodulation

The Minitioune software in Expert Mode

Central Panel

The tuner is never on the wanted frequency

Here we can see the derotator scanning the spectrum above and below the wanted frequency (1255000 kHz), searching for a lock.

The derotator is a double PLL loop that must lock on the wanted  frequency and symbol rate.

The screen shot shows reception is negative:

  • RF Power : -112 dBm
  • MER : 0.0 dB
  • Constellations : no concentrations, hence no QPSK demodulation

Locked !

Here we can see that now we are locked and the derotator deviation is stable : 7kHz.

Reception is good : all leds are green.

  • Frequency : 1254993 kHz
  • RF Power : -98 dBm
  • MER : 15.0 dB
  • Constellations :  concentrations clearly visible, proving good QPSK demodulation

Remark:  When receiving HamTV, we will see a diagonal instead of a vertical derotator line, showing  the deviation due to the Doppler effect (about 120kHz during a pass).

Starting Minitioune for HamTV reception

  • Click SR2000       (upper left corner)
  • Click 2395 MHz    (upper left corner)
  • Click FEC 1/2       (upper left corner)
  • Click Autopid        (upper right corner)

At bottom of screen, from left to right:

  • Check Carrier
  • Check Digital S/N Ratio (MER)
  • Check Constellations – Should be visible, even faintly, when signal is present
  • Check VBER Ratio – (Viterbi Error Correction Ratio)

If signal is locked and no error detected, all LEDs turn green.

When LEDs in lower right corner turn green, the Transport Stream (TS) is extracted and available.

Minitioune Software Download

The MiniTioune programme  is free software. It is available on Jean-Pierre Courjaud F6DZP’s website:

Registation is required.(Name or Call Sign and Password)

The ” MinitiouneV09beta8_9” is downloadable from:

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